Article in did present a fine article about our cooperation with Saedden Church.

How did your three new coffin wagons perform?

Well, we did not have them for a very long time, but my immediate experience is that they performed great. I am responsible for three to four funerals every week. Some days there are two funerals within two hours, and its important that the handling is easy. We can now easily drive the coffins into the church and out to the hearse.

Before we got the new coffin wagons, I manually had to push the wagons – they were only 40 cm height and weighed app. 100 kilograms. Now I can operate the new coffin wagons very easily, they go backward, forward, and turn around they own axis, no matter the terrain. When we arrive at the hearse it is very easy to heigh adjust so that the coffin slides safely into place.

Read the article here (In Danish).

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