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Utility Car / Sack Trolley

Her on site you’ll find out all about the Spangkilde Teknik Utility Car that’s currently in use in plumbing firms and other firms who wish to transport kettles, heat containers, and all the world’s work-related paraphernalia from point a to point b.

The Utility Car/Sack Trolley is the small model compared with our Radiator-Car/Sack Trolley, and this model can’t move sidewards and is not made for radiators. But it is brilliant for transporting kettles or hot-water containers from storage directly out into the car. Or from the car to customer at mountings. The Kettle-Wagon is known to be solid and durable and can put a kettle into where it’s supposed to go.

  • Mount or dismount kettles and other work-related paraphernalia.
  • Transport easily from the car and into Mrs. Jensen’s house.
  • Lift 150 kg
  • Lift from 5 cm – 85 cm. Or from 5cm- 140 cm.
  • Good big wheels in good quality
  • Get a hold of the kettle
  • Be rid of transport and heavy lifts

The plumber’s new partner for kettle and heat containers

Spangkilde Teknik ApS has launched a utility car/sack trolley that will help the country’s plumbers to an easier workday. All carpenters know of an aching back after a day where unmanageable objects had to be moved from one place to another and thereafter need to be mounted in the most difficult places.

Spangkilde Teknik finally has a solution to ease the load of plumbers everywhere. Spangkilde Teknik has developed a help that can transport the heaviest kettles / water containers from the place of delivery to the place of mounting. Where a crank handle with a chain drive (today) makes the lift incredibly easy.

It can take a maximum load of 150 kg and can lift the material op into a height of 90 cm. This assisting device is thus construed so that its small seize makes it easily maneuverable indoors. Likewise, there is thought of the transport to and from work, so it’s designed for a height of 130cm which makes it possible to transport it by car in upright position.

This new product will ease the workday by easing the heavy lifts, increasing efficiency, as well as the joy of work among employees.

We sell our Utility Car/Sack Trolley to many different firms. A lot of the time we deliver it specially for the occasion.

The majority of our customers stem from Vejle, Horsens, Århus, Aalborg, København, Glostrup, Odense, Næstved, Esbjerg, Ribe, Frederikshavn, Holstebro, Svendborg, Ringsted, Sorø, but we’re more than happy to take in customers from the rest of the country.

Let yourself be inspired

Focus on safety

Meets the demands of the Danish Working Environment Authority’s regulations on the lifting, pulling and pushing of heavy objects in the work place.

Avoid injuries

Transport and lift without hey things without tumult, so you can focus on your work

Lots of power

Utility Car lifts up to 150 kg to a height of 5 cm and all the way up to 140 cm

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