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Radiator-Car / Sack Trolleys

Here on site you’ll find out all about Spangkilde Teknik Radiator-Car/Sack Trolley that helps plumbers on a daily basis throughout Denmark.

The radiator-car is an extension of our kettle-car/sack trolley and it exceeds in being able to both lift kettle and radiators as well as being able to move sideways through door holes. It’s robust and durable compared to other options on the market.

  • Move and lift heavy and long radiators without any problems
  • Lift the kettle into the closet.
  • Put the radiator directly in place without having to lift
  • Goes through door holes and swall passages
  • Lift up to max 150 kg
  • Lift from 5 cm and up to 85 cm.
  • Move forks up and lift to 140 cm

Radiator-Car for both kettles and radiators

With Spangkilde’s radiator car/sack trolley you can transport heavy material from drop off to the point of mounting through terrain and tight openings without having to lift anything. Spangkilde radiator-car/sack trolley makes it all the while possible to lift material up to the desired height of function in a single turn of the hand.

Spangkilde radiator car/sack trolley is highly functional, and it’s a most effective tool for mounting that makes the work a solo job as well as saving the installer time and spares him any heavy lifts.

Spangkilde radiator-car/sack trolley can, despite its modest seize, lift radiators as heavy as 150 kg to a height of 90 cm.

On the radiator-car/sack trolley there’s mounted wheels that go through a multitude of different terrains, making it easy to handle in any given construction site.

Thanks to the adjustable sidewheels the radiator-car/sack trolley can navigate through slim passages sidewards.

The radiator-car/sack trolley takes up minimal space in the warehouse storage due to its modest small of 130 cm, and it can therefore be transported in upright position.

The majority of our customers stem from Vejle, Horsens, Århus, Aalborg, København, Glostrup, Odense, Næstved, Esbjerg, Ribe, Frederikshavn, Holstebro, Svendborg, Ringsted, Roskilde, but we’re more than happy to take in customers from the rest of the country as well.

The radiator-car/sack trolley is patented and produced by Spangkilde Teknik©

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Focus on safety

Meets the demands of the Danish Working Environment Authority’s regulations on the lifting, pulling and pushing of heavy objects in the work place.

Lift and strength

The forks can reach a height of 140 cm and carry a load of 150 kg


Drive the radiator-car directly through the door opening and other small passages

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