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“It was at the recommendation of our colleagues and undertakers around town who had been well satisfied with Spangkilde, the product, the service and the price. The word went around from mouth to mouth and that’s the reason why we choose to go for Spangkilde.”

Kenneth Christensen, Skanse Chapel, remarks:

“Thank you for the delivery. It was a pleasure having you as supplier and to have so much influence over the construction of scissor lifts and bookcases.

And thank you for all the good communication that’s kept us both well prepared and satisfied.

Birger Hansen, about Spangkilde Teknik’s MC-Lift, remarks:

“Since 2002 I have had a motercykel lift in my workshop. My motorcycles weigh up to 600 kilos (boss hoss), and it’s liftet that! that’s exactly what I was told when I bought it, so it’s only fulfilled my expectations, and hence I would warmly recommend a MC.lift from Spangskilde.

Jan Bjergene Christensen, cemetary leader at Vrejlev-Hæstrup Kirkegårde, remarks:

“We are very happy with our catafalque from Spangkilde Teknik ApS.

It was brought on to solve the problem of lifting the coffin which can’t performed by church personnel. “There are still families who carry the coffin from the chapel to the church before the funeral, but we thought that it was an important service to be able to put the coffin inside the church ourselves if that is the relatives’ wish.

We had a really good course with Spangkilde Teknik ApS about choosing a catafalque, they made it fit our conditions and wíshes and works exactly as planned. It’s easy to manoeuvre and has good wheels that drive well on our gravel roads. I would absolutely recommend the catafalque to other cemetaries.”

Kurt Bjerregaard, cemetary leader at Skt. Nicolai kirke in Kolding, remarks:

“Our catafalques live up to the expectations. In our churche it’s not only the lifting of the coffin that’s the challenge, so other than that we just drive it up and down the central aisle of the church slowly and steadily.”

Nina Skak Jensen, verger at Løgstør Kirke, remarks:

“The new catafalque functions perfectly, and it receives credit from all the undertakers here in the area.

Service and support from Spangkilde is also top notch.”

Tommy Paasch, cemetary leader at Stege Kirkegård, Møn, remarks:

“Through many years Stege Kirkegård has had problems with internal transportation and especially with lifting the coffins in the cemetary’s chapel. We received a visit from the Danish Working Environment Authority who suggested that we fix the problem with push/pull and lifting of coffins, but there weren’t any solutions on the market that directly corresponded to our budget.

We handle about 80 – 90 coffins yearly since nearly all funerals take place at the church’s funeral chapel and not from the church itself.

We’ve got a stationary catafalque in our chapel with a nostalgic worth (made in 1893) and that only has a height of 31cm. This catafalque has to remain stationary and therefore a coffin wagon has to come all the way down to 31cm so that by a sly little pull/push one can roll the coffin from the coffin wagon and over on the catafalque and the other way around. The catafalque has been equipped with wheels that Spangkilde has delivered.

We’ve got more older versions of the coffin wagons. But they can’t be heightened or lowered to the right height, and they no longer adhere to our and the Danish Working Environment Authority’s directions.

I called Spangkilde Teknik because I had received a mail with some pictures of a coffin wagon that looked like it would solve our problem.

Spangkilde Teknink quickly came to visit our cemetery. But the model of the coffin wagon that they’d brought didn’t fit our needs.

Our needs for the new coffin wagon was that it had to be able to lift the coffin by aide of a scissor lift equipped with frame and wheels with a battery so one would only have to press a button in order to lower or heighten the coffin. The church wagon can thus come down to 31cm, but also elevate to 116cm. This makes it so that It can reach all the hearses that come to our chapel.

The wheels under the wagon has to be pulled back from the edges of the lifting surface so that they don’t hinder our feet. This also mean s that the coffin wagon gets a free space of 30cm that can move about over the entrance to the chapel. Here by the undertaker can back it up and pull the coffin from the hearse in onto the coffin wagon and the other way around much easier.

After a talk back and forth and a clear vision of how our coffin wagon had to look, Spangkilde actually was able to make such a model. I could feel that they had a hold on things, and therefore I asked them for an offer on two church wagons that corresponded to our needs.

We received a price on two church wagons that not only corresponded to our needs, but corresponded also to our budget and I could therefore with accept the offer with a clean conscience.

Three weeks later, Spangkilde Teknik arrived in person again, but this time with the final product.

Stege Funeral Firm by Susanne Christensen came with their hearse and a coffin so we could try the wagons and she was also very impressed and looked forward to the new using the new helpful tool. We didn’t have any expectations, and the coffin wagons meet all our requirements for handling the coffins and worked beyond all expectation. All handling of the coffin can be done by just one man alone.

We can only give praise to Spangkilde Teknik for the finished church wagons.

Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S remarks:

”At Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S we strive to create the best conditions for our employees. We take care to prevent and reduce harming the environment from the company’s activities. We use Spangkilde Radiator Lift out on our bigger technical enterprises, the radiator lift is often in demanded among our erectors and is diligently used. It’s an effective way of lifting that is helping spare our employees and heighten the efficiency.”

Vagn Jensen, Vagn Jensen Motorcycles in Horsens, remarks:

”We’ve had many lifts from Spangkilde Teknik that runs as impeccably as it did since 2000

Spangkilde Teknik doesn’t always produce the cheapest lifts, but price and quality does bear a relationship, and we couldn’t imagine another lift today.

We sell motorcycles, damage stuff, and sell equipment. Therefore, it’s extremely important that the lift works every time and that it can handle 400 kilos.

It’s a great lift.”

Article by Hals Avis

With a continuing focus on the work environment we’ve paved the way for new possibilities And the local church collaboration that covers Hals and Vester Hassing as well as Øster Hassing og Gåser Parishes there’s there’s now been purchased three so called catafalque-coffinwagons. The motorized units makes the handling of the church work far easier and contributes to the fact that the employees are now rid of the heavy lifts.

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