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Catafalque / Coffin Wagon

On this page, you will find a total of information about Spangkilde Teknik Catafalque / coffin wagons, which are currently used by over 300 parishes in Denmark.

Spangkilde Teknik manufactures Coffin Wagons themselves and is the only manufacturer utilizing the scissor-lift and electrical hydraulic lift which makes it most durable and gives more options to reach the needs of the church. Click here and become inspired.

  • The possibility of more lifting heights after your needs.
  • Drives both indoors and outdoors as standard
  • Approved for 400kg
  • Space for XL coffins
  • Can be used as a moveable worktable with decorations of spruce of flowers
  • Stepless and adjustable electrical thrust makes the handling of the coffins easy
  • Battery indicator shows battery level
  • Black, beautiful top plate with 8 easy going wheels and programable coffin-stop
  • Black cover follows with the charger
  • The possibility of 15 years worth of guarantee

Denmark’s most solid and durable Catafalques/Coffin Wagons.

Spangkilde Teknik has listened to the challenges of the churches as regards handling the coffins for many years.

We therefore model our product after the church’s needs as regards both the seize of the wheels or whether or not to make a lifting function and whether or not to include electrical thrust.

Model 4,5 with an electrical thrust is the most sold because it contains all that the churches’ needs so as to rid themselves of having to carry or lift heavy objects. And thereby avoiding any trouble with the Danish Working Environment Authority.

It raises from 45 cm – 116 cm. This means that you won’t get any lifts from catafalque to catafalque if you choose to keep the old one. But this also means that you can buy shelves with space for one or two more coffins. If you need more space, then the shelves can be put together which makes for even more space.

We also currently make a coffin wagon that lifts from 41 to 174 cm, and it can therefore be used for our church shelves to fit 3 coffins.

The catafalque rolls seamlessly through pebbles and gravel and is easily rolled up hills and ramps.

The catafalque is approved for lifts of up to 400 kg.

Use your catafalque an adjustable worktable

A lot of customers have chosen to buy an extra work plate for their catafalques. Hereby you can use the catafalque as a worktable in connection with graveyard decorations.

We sell the very popular foldable lightweight ramps in a variety of lengths.

We are always happy to show the catafalque in your surroundings, and you are always welcome to call Casper directly if there’s any questions what so ever.
phone +45 7565 2335

Configure your Catafalque

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Let yourself be inspired

Focus on safety

Meets the demands of the Danish Working Environment Authority’s regulations on the lifting, pulling and pushing of heavy objects in the work place.


Runs for over 5 km on a single charge. But remember to charge it!

Lots of power

Ergonomic solution fir for the line of business. Different lifting heights up to 400 kg

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