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Window Lift / Window-Trolley

Here on site you’ll find all about Spangkilde Teknik Window Lift / Window-Trolley that’s currently helping over 450 carpenters.

The model is made today and comes both with or without electrical thrust, giving the carpenter more options to get out of lifting heavy windows. Keep in mind that it can be used as a worktable as well as for transporting windows and for lifting windows off the ground.

  • Use the Window Lift as a worktable
  • Transport the windows without towing and violent push
  • Lift 200 kg to a height of 135 cm
  • Electrical thrust makes the transport of windows child’s play.
  • Battery indicator shows power niveau
  • A charger comes with the model with electrical thrust

The smartest window lift in Denmark from
Spangkilde Teknik

We’re here to help you and your colleagues:

therefore, at Spangkilde Teknik we’ve developed a Window lift/Window Trolley: a tool designed to lift and transport big and heavy windows directly from the starting point to the correct height of mounting, it’s easy, safe and ergonomic. The Window Lift/Window Trolley can be handled easily and safely by one single person in a shorter time than it would take a man to mount the window manually.

This increases the company’s efficiency and productivity and creates better conditions for the user.

Our Window Lift comes in 2 varieties:
Model 1:
A regular Window Lift with sidewheels etc.
Model 2:
Same model but mounted with a stepless electrical thrust on the wheels that carry the drive.

We’re experiencing a big demand on both models. But the electrical thrust has some advantages with transportation through sand as well as with longer transports with the window. And then there’s the mounted wheel under the supporting legs, so you won’t have to lift the window when you drive forwards or backwards. You can control the speed with your thumb Charger follows.

The Window Lift/Window Trolley is made with a chain drive function that lift up to 200 kg, this makes it easy and safe to raise the window to the desired mounting height (up to 135 cm). This, combined with 2 solid wheels, makes it easy and stable to maneuver around with, also on uneven construction sites. The Window Lift/Window Trolley, furthermore, is equipped with sidewheels for driving sidewards. And remember that you and use it as a worktable as well. You’re hereby spared from bending and lathing when you have to work on the window before mounting.

The window lift/Window Trolley can also be used as a sack trolley as well as for transport and lifting tool for other heavy elements on the workplace. The Window Lift/Window Trolley is all in all a tool for you who wants better conditions at work and an increased efficiency.

The majority of our customers stem from Vejle, Horsens, Århus, Aalborg, København, Glostrup, Odense, Næstved, Esbjerg, Ribe, Frederikshavn, Holstebro, Svendborg, Ringsted, but we’re more than happy to take in orders from the rest of the country.

Let yourself be inspired

Focus on safety

Meets the demands of the Danish Working Environment Authority’s regulations on the lifting, pulling and pushing of heavy objects in the work place.


Electrical thrust makes the transport of every single window child’s play

Lots of power

Extremely powerful tool that lifts 200 kg to height of 135 cm

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