About us

At Spangkilde Teknik we’re here to help

We strive to make available all the possibilities for a good work environment.

Spangkilde Teknik currently helps a lot of professional groups in Denmark and the rest of the world.

We manufacture Window Lifts, Coffin Wagons/Catafalques, Stationary Worktables with raise/lower-functions, Movable Worktables with raise/lower-functions, Worktables, Work Platforms med raise/lower-functions, Utility-Cars, Radiator-Cars MC-lifts with handpumps, MC-lift with electrical-hydraulic lift.

Our machine park can do a little bit of everything. But we make machining finishes, cylinders etc., in a super quality and offer low prices.

Our headquarters’ in Spettrup near Hedensted.

View our products here and give us a call if there are any questions in least.

Quality is our specialty

We only manufacture products of high quality. Our competent and qualified employees only work with materials of the best quality, in a machine park that’s in on the newest technological advancements, meaning that you’re always guaranteed the best possible solution.

At Spangkilde Teknik ApS we know our strengths – and we specialize as subsupplier withing turning and milling as well as constructing hydraulic cylinders and technical aids for skilled trades.
We’re not the biggest, but we’re the best!

Let the results speak for themselves – give us a test of strength today already.

Call in on +45 7565 2335 orsend us an e-mail.

We do ours for the environment

Energy use

We wish to aide in lowering the carbon emission. That’s why we put such great focus on our everyday collective energy usage. We do this by energy-minimizing every single process, from reducing excess use of paper to shutting everything off when we leave the workplace.


cooling/lubrication agent

The use of cooling/lubrication agent is unfortunately inevitable in our daily work. Our cooling/lubrication agent is therefore always reused, and we strive to minimize the amount that disappears with the finished product and the inevitable production waste. Our cooling/lubrication agent is always kept sustainably kept away and when we dispose of the remnants, it always happens through certified firms that specialize in the disposal of environmentally hazardous waste.


Reuse & guidelines for sustainability

Reusage of product remnants

It’s inevitable that there’ll be production remnants and waste. All this is then send away to certified firms that can reuse our waste products.

Guidelines for sustainability

We often go through our environment procedures with our employees to constantly make sure that they’ve got a focus and understanding on what constitutes sustainable behavior and how we wish them to tackle these problems in their work life.

“Spangkilde Teknik has a high technological specialty in Machining, CNC Milling og CNC Turning”

Meet the team behind Spangkilde

Casper Christensen


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Industry technician

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Spangkilde Teknik

delivers a multitude of different technical aides

Keep in mind that we’re always up for a chat if you’ve got any questions about our products or if we can help you in any other way.

The joy of work

Each one of our products makes the workday both simpler and safer. And the joy work will thus reach unprecedented heights.

Always on time

Spangkilde Teknik loves inquiries, and we put great value in being quick to both reply to requests and to deliver the final product.


Spangkilde Teknik has 30 years of experience with heavy lift, and this has yielded a certain knowhow along with very durable products in the highest quality.

Spangkilde's favorites


Achieve new heights with a Spangkilde catafalque Buy a new or remodel your existing catafalque


Choose from mobile or stationary work benches that makes work easier with its raise/lower function.


Experience the markets best MC-Lift which is 100 % manufactured in Denmark. Delivered with electric hydraulic and pneumatic pumps.



Spangkilde Teknik
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8722 Hedensted

+45 7565 2335
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