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Heating pump trolley for heating pumps, gas boilers and white goods

On this page you will find all information regarding the heating pump trolley which has numerous applications and will surprise users positively.

With the heating pump trolley, which is approved for use with up to 250 kg and lifts 1 meter vertically, you will avoid having to push, pull and lift external and internal parts.

Additionally, the heating pump trolley is also excellent for transporting and lifting gas boilers.
The trolley can also help in transporting white goods and other appliances.

See the video below to learn more about the heating pump trolley.

Feel free to contact us with questions on the following number +4575652335. We can also give you a quote for a price within few hours.

  • Approved for use of up to 250 kg
  • Easy speed control with your thumb
  • Drives through sand and grass with no hassle
  • Easily navigates tricky corners
  • Useful in transporting gas boilers and white goods
  • Avoid back injuries
  • Lightweight ramps for vehicles and entrances available for purchase
  • Battery indicator shows battery level
  • Charger included in price
  • 15 years warranty option available
  • Leasing options available with delivery of new trolley after 36 months

Purpose-built heating pump trolley

The heating pump trolley is a development of our boiler/radiator trolley

The trolley is purpose-built for the handling of heating pumps. Its unique application avoids troublesome transportation of heating pumps from the driveway or car to the mounting area.

The trolley is approved for lifting up to 250 kg and the forks vertically elevates to a height of 1 meter. It is powered by electricity and easily navigates loose sand with its off-road wheels. Similarly, it can overcome obstacles like curbs and ascend ramps and doorways.

Spangkilde Teknik has developed the trolley exclusively for use of heating pumps. However, it can also be used for gas boilers and is characterized by not having front-mounted support struts which sometimes get in the way of installation at floor level.

The trolley can also be used for transportation of white goods, music equipment, massage chairs and many other objects.

As an accessory, we also sell light-weight ramps in different lengths which can be used for getting objects out of vehicles or through entrances. They are compact and weigh very little.

Feel free to contact us with questions on the following number +4575652335. We can also give you a quote for a price within few hours.

Stepless electric propulsion

The heating pump trolley’s electric motor has stepless propulsion that is operated with one hand. The trolley can be similarly operated and controlled with one hand and can turn 360 degrees in place. A battery indicator shows the level of charge. You are therefore able to easily tell when the trolley is in need of charge.

We also offer lightweight ramps which are ideal to purchase along with the trolley to make negotiating entrances and vehicles easier.

Let yourself be inspired

Transportability in focus

Avoid manual lifting, pushing and pulling with the heating pump trolley

Off-road wheels

The trolley easily navigates through sand and overcomes obstacles like curbs

Step-less electric propulsion

The trolley is driven and operated with one hand via the electric engine’s step-less propulsion system

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See our heating pump trolley in action

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