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Moveable & stationary

Here on site you’ll find out all about Spangkilde Teknik Moveable and stationary work tables that are currently helping a wide variety of companies.

We manufacture moveable and stationary work tables in the best quality for private industry in all of Denmark. The work tables are made from 400 kg – 2000 kg, and they can be assembled and made a little differently, with safety in focus. We won’t compromise the quality, and we help our customers from beginning to end with counseling and service to reach the optimal result.

  • Perfect ergonomic working height – there’s a fit for everyone
  • Move your workpiece around
  • Or make one or more stationary workstations
  • Increase efficiency in your company
  • Lift heavy workpieces up to a height fitting for work
  • Bring the work table with you in your company’s car
  • Work tables with 25 years of experience
  • Get some happy employees

Moveable or stationary lower/raise-work tables with a lift of 400kg – 2000kg

The newest innovation from Spangkilde Teknik is their new series of moveable work tables.

Nowadays the raise/lower-tables are an object that exists in every office It’s our opinion therefore that it has become the workshops turn to share in this delight.

Spangkilde Teknik has therefore extended the assortment with new moveable mounting tables, workbench, welding table and work tables for that matter.

All tables are raise/lower tables. This spares the back many heavy lifts that come through a long day’s work.

Tailormade solutions for every need

We can fit the tables to exactly your need. That means wheel seize, a top plate in wood or in iron, stationary or not, all of which will be agreed upon prior to ordering.

All tables are naturally 100% a product of Denmark, and they may lift
400 kg – 800 kg – 1.200 kg or 2000 kg.

All work tables are powder-coated in black as standard but can also be delivered in the desired RAL color.

Our work tables are made in the standard seizes with safety in focus, but there can always be changes made with reservation to safety.

The majority of our customers stem from Vejle, Horsens, Århus, Aalborg, København, Glostrup, Odense, Næstved, Esbjerg, Ribe, Frederikshavn, Holstebro, Svendborg, Ringsted, but we’re more than happy to take in orders from the rest of the country.

Configure your own personal worktable

Moveable or stationary?

Lift reqiurements.

Lift reqiurements.

Lift height

Lift height

Lift height

Lift height

Lift height

Lift height

Top plate seize

Top plate seize

Top plate seize

Top plate seize

Top plate seize

Top plate seize

Top plate material

Top plate material

Let yourself be inspired

Focus on safety

Meets the demands of the Danish Working Environment Authority’s regulations on the lifting, pulling and pushing of heavy objects in the work place.

Adjustable height

Perfect ergonomic working height – there’s a fit for everyone

Build on experience

Spangkilde has got more than 35 years of experience in constructing work tables

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