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According to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s proclamation number 1101 § 22 and number 1109 § 14, as well as the work environment code’s § 45, every lifting tool must go through a full inspection by an authorized company at minimum every 12. Month. Otherwise we as the manufacturer can’t guarantee that a tool is in a safe and proper condition and is suited for lifting. If these demands are not met, we renounce any responsibility that follows after the first twelve months.

Choose a service deal

Spangkilde Teknik offers a twelve-month service deal at a steady low price.
The service agreement contains the following:

  • A mandatory service check every year
  • Safety has to be i order
  • A strive to prevent injuries.
  • Extends the durability of your product
  • After every service you’ll receive a certificate documenting the effort of having ensured a safe and high standard for the work environment.
  • A course in the use of our products for new and existing coworkers
  • No reparations will be taken on before your consent

The price is only 2.500 kr besides taxes per year + reserves
Unforeseen reperations will cost hourly wage and the cost of materials.
But only with your consent.

Minimal binding

The service agreement is a work in progress and can be terminated with two months prior warning by either party before the next service deal.

The contact formula is not binding. You can fill it out, and you’ll be contacted by us, so we can have a talk about how the service deal can best fit you exact need.

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All motorized coffin wagons are required by low to receive a yearly service check.

With a service deal from Spangkilde Teknik you’ll receive a 15-year guarantee on your coffin wagon

We’ve got a lot of customers who want to have their affairs in ourder if the Danish Working Environment Authority decides to show. And since we know the coffin wagon and manufacture the parts ourselves, the majority of our customers have chosen Spangkilde Teknik for their yearly service check.

We give out 15 years of guarantee for the coffin wagons if you order it with a service check every 15 years. And after every service check you’ll receive the certificate of approval for the Danish Working Environment Authority.

By a yearly service check you’ll receive an insurance that covers defect pars if you’re innocent of their failure. That means Spangkilde Teknik will replace the parts cost free if you are innocent in the cause of the defect.

If the yearly service check isn’t conducted by Spangkilde Teknik you’ll have to pay for driving, km, materials, parts and for the time spent if an accident has occurred.

The yearly service check costs 1.995,- kr. + taxes/year.

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