Spangkilde specialize
in efficient and ergonomic

Technical aid for heavy lifting. We manufacture technical aid for heavy lifting, work tables etc. We have the technical aids you are missing. Contact us now to hear more about our technical aid.

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Smart workbenches
that make your workday
way easier

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New heating pump trolley for heating pumps, gas boilers and white goods.

Want to know more? Give us a call on +45 7565 2335


Graveyard/Coffin handling

— raise from 45-116 cm
— approved for lift of 400 kg
— made for driving in hard terrain


Manufacturing companies

— Movable or stationary
— with our without wheels
— approved to lift 400-2000 kg

Heating pump trolley


— for heavy heating pumps
— for heavy gas boilers
— for heavy white goods


Your specialist

We specialize in delivering efficient and ergonomic lifting tables


Price transparancy

Good (and steady) prices and no hidden expenses

We've done it before

We’ve done it a many times before and we’ll bring our experience to your solution

We are fast

We make a virtue out of quick response times in all phases from projection to service – 24/7

We are both easy to talk with and deal with

We are both easy to talk with and deal with + you’ll receive your own contact person

Service & guarantee

You get to choose for yourself if you want a regular legally required service that can give a 10 to 15 years guarantee depending on your product.


Our solutionsensures a short TOI period

Your partner for many years.

You’ll get one of the markets best and most innovative development partners


At Spangkilde service is much more than just a word. Here you’ll receive service contracts and customer support that ensures maximum up times.

our commitment to you

A collaboration with Spangkilde is more than just good products. We wish to deliver value for you in many areas

How we typically cooperate with our customers

Our top priority is to ensure that you are settled about you needs as well as creating the best conditions from first counseling to the solution up and working for many years to come.

Initiatory dialogue about needs and project.

Often, we start the good collaboration with you getting a dialogue with one of our technical counselors. Our primary assignment is to ensure that you are settled in terms of need. Next step is that we take the initial dialogue about exacting and projected the best solution to fill your needs.

Your order and production

In collaborating between you and our technical counselors we ensure that we are flexible, trustworthy and transparent order that matches your needs. Hereafter we ship out the order to production, and we’ll send you status reports throughout the process, so you can prepare yourself in the best way possible before delivery.

Delivery and usage

When the final order is delivered, we’ll ensure that you get full use out of the delivered solution’s complete functionality and full potential.

Support and service

Our customer support is there so that you can receive help and solution as fast as possible. Our service department and service contractor ensure that Spangkilde solutions will function and bring value for many years to come. It’s our top priority to assist in ensuring that your Spangkilde solutions are in drift as much as possible.

The ”good” reference

We can only exist by having satisfied customers. We wish that you’ll value our collaboration and you Spangkilde solutions. Our goal is that you will want to tell others about your collaboration with us, and that you might even order more Spangkilde solutions when the need is there. All of this will only happen if we work on creating value for you and our other customers on a daily basis.

Spangkilde in numbers

Coffin Wagons



In the words of our customers

Thank you for the delivery. It was a pleasure having you as supplier and to have so much influence over the construction of scissor lifts and bookcases.

And thank you for all the good communication that kept us well prepared and filled in on what to expect.”

Kenneth Christensen, Skanse Chapel

”At Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S we strive to create the best conditions for our employees. We take care to prevent and reduce harming the environment from the company’s activities. We use Spangkilde Radiator Lift out on our bigger technical enterprises, the radiator lift is often in demanded among our erectors and is diligently used. It’s an effective way of lifting that is helping spare our employees and heighten the efficiency.”

“The new catafalque functions perfectly, and it recieves flatter from all the undertakers here in the area. Service and support from Spangkilde is also top notch.”

Verger Nina Skak Jensen, Løgstør Kirke

I bought my first lift at Spangkilde for my hobby workshop. Counseling before the purchase was perfect. The product lives up fully to the expectations, and I have never regretted spending that money, that’s what it costs to buy a quality lift! It is my motorcycles that it’s supposed to hold after all. I’d recommend it for sure!”

Martin Corvinius

“It was at the recommendation of our colleagues and undertakers around town who had been well satisfied with Spangkilde, the product, the service and the price. The word went around from mouth to mouth and that’s the reason why we choose to go for Spangkilde.”

Verger, Tina Juhl Aagaard, Sædden Church

New from Spangkilde

Article in did present a fine article about our cooperation with Saedden Church.

New Coffin Wagon

Spangkilde delivered coffin wagons with room for three coffins each together with a new coffin wagon with a lifting range within 41-174 centimeters.

Moveable workbenches for Eltronic in Hedensted

Spangkilde Teknik delivered two 400-kilogram moveable workbenches for Eltronic in Hedensted. The workbenches have a top plate in solid oak wood, 80x200x38 centimeters.



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